Information for RESIDENTS in the city centre of Groningen

Because of the royal visitors on King’s Day – Friday April 27th 2018 - we need to take several security and traffic measures on and around King’s Day in the city centre of Groningen. These measures have consequences for residents. Below you will find essential information as well as the letters that residents in the city centre receive.

Route royal family
This is the route of the royal family across the city centre:

  • Martinikerkhof
  • Noordzijde Grote Markt
  • Waagplein
  • Oude Boteringestraat
  • Broerplein
  • Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat
  • Stoeldraaiersstraat
  • Vismarkt

Also see Programme

Traffic measures for bicycles and mopeds

  • In the light purple area on map 1 there are no bicycles and mopeds allowed on Friday April 27th from 6 am to 2 pm. Barriers will close off the area.
  • In the dark purple coloured streets on map 1 parking of bicycles and mopeds is not allowed from Thursday April 26th, 6 pm until Friday April 27th, midnight.
  • When your bike of moped is towed-away, you can read here what to do.

Traffic measures for cars and motorbikes

  • In the light purple area on map 2 there are no cars and motorbikes allowed on Friday April 27th from 6 am to 2 pm. Barriers will close off the area.
  • Entrance of cars and motorbikes is not allowed in:
  • - the grey area shown on map 2 from Thursday April 26th, 7 pm until Friday 27th April, midnight.
    the orange area shown on map 2 from Friday April 27th, 6 am until 2 pm. You will be allowed to leave these areas by car or motorbike.
  • It is not allowed to park cars and motorbikes along the Praediniussingel and the Ubbo Emmiussingel as from Thursday April 26th, midnight, until the end of events here on Friday April 27th. There are also no-parking zones along the Diepenring, because we have to place lots of bicycle stands there. See: no-parking zones.

Getting to your house
The best way to reach the city centre of Groningen during the festivities on King’s Night and King’s Day is by foot. The route of the royal visitors, which you can find on, is fenced off completely from 6 am onwards on Friday April 27th 2018. Please keep in mind that your house or business will therefore be difficult to reach. You can cross the route at the following locations: in the Oude Boteringestraat and on the corner of the Vismarkt/A-Kerkhof and Stoeldraaierstraat. Well before the royal family arrives these pedestrian crossings will be closed. After 1 pm we will remove all fences as soon as possible.

NOTE: along the route of the royal family there is limited space for spectators. If a certain part along the route is packed with people, this part will be closed off. As a consequence you may not be able to reach your house or business.

Making your way in the city centre
If you want traverse the city centre, please keep in mind it will be really busy and crowded. It is best to go around the city centre. For example, by walking via Hoge der A, Schuitendiep and Turfsingel. Or by bike via the Diepenring, Gedempte Zuiderdiep, Munnekeholm and Brugstraat. It is best to avoid the city centre by car or otherwise drive along the Diepenring. On location there are signs, traffic sign trailers and traffic attendants to show the way.

Care at home
Do you receive care at home, such as homecare, maternity care or informal care? Then your care giver may be bothered by the traffic measures that apply around King’s Day. It is important you inform your care giver and make arrangements with him or her in order to receive the care you need. In life-threatening situations you call 112, as is usual. Emergency services will be able to reach your home at any time.

Waste containers
Some underground waste containers along the route of the royal visitors may be closed off. If this concerns you as a resident or entrepreneur, you will receive a separate letter about it.

Temporary removal of bicycle stands in the city centre
As from Tuesday April 3rd 2018 municipal services will remove several bicyle stands from the city centre. It concerns bicycle stands on the following locations: at the Prinsenhofhotel, at restaurant ‘t Feithhuis at the Martinikerkhof, at the Broerplein/Academieplein, on the south side of the Vismarkt and in the Stoeldraaiersstraat. We will announce the temporary removal of these bike stands by placing signs on location.

Preliminary work
In the days before and also after the events on King’s Night and King’s Day all kinds of (preliminary) work has to be done. For example we will have to put up stages, install sound systems and place barriers. These activities may cause some nuisance or noise nuisance. See: events for locations. <link invoegen naar Evenementen>

Letters sent to entrepreneurs/residents in the city centre of Groningen:

Questions and contact
Do you have questions about King's Day which have not been answered by reading the information on this website? Please contact the Klantcontactcentrum (customer care) of the municipality of Groningen, via telephone number: 14 050

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