Information for RESIDENTS in the city centre of Groningen

Because of the royal visitors on King’s Day – Friday April 27th 2018 - we need to take several security and traffic measures on and around King’s Day in the city centre of Groningen. These measures have consequences for entrepreneurs. Below you will find essential information as well as the letters that residents in the city centre receive.

Route royal family
This is the route of the royal family across the city centre:

  • Martinikerkhof
  • Noordzijde Grote Markt
  • Waagplein
  • Oude Boteringestraat
  • Broerplein
  • Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat
  • Stoeldraaiersstraat
  • Vismarkt

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Traffic measures

  • In the immediate surroundings of the route no driving is allowed. This concerns all vehicles, including bicycles, scooters and mopeds.
  • In the area around this inner circle cyclists are not allowed.
  • In a larger area around these two circles cars are not allowed.

Care at home
Do you receive care at home, such as homecare, maternity care or informal care? Then your care giver may be bothered by the traffic measures that apply on King’s Day.
Please remember to inform your care giver and make arrangements with him or her in order to receive the care you need.
In life-threatening situations you call 112, as is usual. Emergency services will be able to reach your home at any time.

Waste containers, rubbish bins and benches
In the weeks preceding King’s Day municipal services will remove several rubbish bins, public benches and other (street)objects in order to make room for all of the festivities and the large number of visitors. Of course, everything will be replaced after King’s Day.
The (underground) waste container in your neighbourhood may be closed on King’s Day. If this concerns you, you will be informed later on.

More information
About 2 weeks before King’s Day residents in the city centre will receive another letter. For example, with details on the times and exact areas to which the security and traffic measures will apply. As soon as there is new information, you will also find it on:

Letters sent to entrepreneurs/residents in the city centre of Groningen.
On March 12th 2018:

Questions and contact
Do you have questions about King's Day which have not been answered by reading the information on this website? Please contact the Klantcontactcentrum (customer care) of the municipality of Groningen, via telephone number: 14 050

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