Walk into the city centre
Follow the directions on signs and mobile LED-displays for the fastest way into the city centre. The indicated route may not be the shortest, but is definitely the fastest way!

Parking your bike
The easiest and fastest way to go into town is to walk. It is not allowed to park your bicycle in the city centre. Park your bike in 1 of the many extra bicycle stands around the city centre. Signs and bicycle stewards will show you the way. The city centre is within walking distance of the bicycle stands.

No drinks in glass bottles or tin cans
King's Day is meant to be a festive and safe day for everyone. Cafés, bars and restaurants therefore serve their drinks in plastic cups. Please do not bring any drinks in glass bottles or tin cans into town! If you do, you have to hand in your bottle or can. Also, you may be fined.


King's Day ordinance
Because the royal family is celebrating King's Day in Groningen this year, we expect more visitors than usual. In order to make room for as many people as possible and because of extra security measures, a special ordinance has been drawn up.

In this ordinance several measures are mentioned, such as:

  • zones where vehicles are forbidden;
  • zones where street objects are forbidden;
  • an official ban for people to enter the area close to the route of the royal family, unless they have been given specific authorization;
  • the fact that shops, bars and restaurants along the route of the royal family are not allowed to open until after 1 pm on King's Day.

You will find the text of the King's Day ordinance, in Dutch only, on: and extra information, in Dutch only on:

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