Getting to Groningen

Temporary removal of bicycle stands in city centre
As from April 3rd 2018 the municipality of Groningen will temporarily remove several bicycle stands from the city centre. It concerns bicycle stands at the following locations: at the Prinsenhofhotel, at restaurant 't  Feithhuis at the Martinikerkhof, at the Broerplein/Academieplein, on the south side of the Vismarkt and in the Stoeldraaiersstraat. The municipality will announce the temporary removal of these bike stands by placing signs on location.

With a small boat, which fits under the bridges, you can travel around the city centre. The waterways are not closed.
However, there is no service at the bridges in Groningen on Friday April 27th 2018. Larger boats will not be able to reach the city centre of Groningen. There is one exception: a few boats of Kool round-trips will be travelling the canals on King's Day.
There are no restrictions for boats on the main waterway Lemmer to Delfzijl.

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