Do you live in Groningen? Take your bike!
We strongly recommend you take your bike towards the city centre on King's Night and King's Day.

Walk into the city centre
The best way to reach the city centre during King's Night (from 7 pm onwards) and King's Day is to go by foot. On these days you are not allowed to enter the city centre by bike or moped. Parking your bicycle or moped in the city centre is also prohibited.

Traffic measures bicycles and mopeds
Check Map 1 for traffic measures concerning bicyles and mopeds. When your bike of moped is towed-away, you can read here what to do.

Extra bicycle stands around the city centre
We will place thousands of extra bicycle stands around the city centre. For example along the 'singels' and on several locations along the Diepenring (canals), such as along Hoge and Lage der A. Also see locations map below.

Extra bicycle stands in Stadspark and Noorderplantsoen
For visitors of Helden van Oranje (April 26th) and Kingsland (April 27th) at the racecourse in the Stadspark there will be (thousands of) extra bicycle stands available.
The same goes for the Noorderplantsoen (April 27th): there will be many bicycle stands for visitors of the outdoor flea market.

Extra bicycle stands around the city centre

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