Public transport

If you travel by train, get off at the central station of Groningen. You can walk to the city centre or to the Stadspark, which is the location of music festivals Helden van Oranje and Kingsland.

On King's Day the Dutch national railway company NS is running a special timetable. The trains to and from Groningen will be longer and there may be extra trains to transport visitors.

Arriva, another train company, will put on extra trains both on Thursday April 26th and Friday April 27th 2018.
Go to for timetable details.

If you travel by bus, get off at the central station or close to the city centre. All events are within walking distance.

Bus company Qbuzz will put on extra busses during King's Night and King's Day.

Check timetables
If you are staying until late in Groningen, do check timetables in order to make sure you will be in time for your bus or train connection. Certain sections may be very busy. Keep an eye on the digital displays and listen to announcements, both at the train and bus stations, but also in trains and busses. They will provide you with up-to-date information.

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